I am an Australian author of Speculative Fiction

You can learn more about my writing, research & inspiration through The Writing Desk with regular posts on folklore, history, mythology & updates on writing progress. Recent Reads is my blog where you can find my latest book reviews

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Bone Arrow

Fantasy inspired by Amerindian folklore & legends

Latest Blog Posts

  • Australian Tawny Frogmouth Folklore
    The tawny frogmouth is a species of nocturnal bird native to much of Australia. It is well known in Australian landscapes for the staring red-gold … Read more
  • Zodiac Themed Anthology Series
    I’m currently reading the second volume in a 12 part series, a Zodiac themed anthology produced by Aussie Speculative Fiction. Each month, a new anthology … Read more
  • What the Heck is Cuneiform, Anyway?
    Cuneiform is a fascinating and slightly mysterious writing style found in many archaeological sites of ancient Mesopotamia, including the modern countries of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, … Read more
  • Curses, Storms & Talismans
    A constant interest and inspiration in my writing and daily life is the environment. Recently, Australia has suffered some of the worst bushfires on top … Read more

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