Bone Arrow

Fantasy inspired by Amerindian folktales & legends

Sunktokeca, warrior-shaman, son to the god Ate, is banished from his adopted tribe, forced to leave the woman he loves at the mercy of his volatile step-brother. Beneath a prophesied blood moon, Sunktokeca’s dormant power flares and Ate requests Sunktokeca serve as his warrior-shaman and defeat Ska-Sicanagi, a vengeful spirit intent on poisoning the land and so destroying the gods.
Sunktokeca is accompanied by Yalse, his true kin and infamous Trickster god; Mastinca, his childhood friend and Wazichan, an exiled female warrior. Seeking a weapon capable of destroying Ska-Sicanagi, Yalse leads Sunktokeca to the frozen southern islands to create a bone arrow; a powerful tainted magic made with human life-force.
In the endless winter darkness, Sunktokeca must make a terrible sacrifice to defeat Ska-Sicanagi; balancing life and death in his hands.